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Munich Syndrome's 6th album, Atmospherics 1: Urbania is out and now available from CDBaby.com, iTunes, Amazon and the major streaming services!
Atmospherics 1: Urbania
Mastered in HDCD® Audio!

Munich Syndrome was born in a Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret on a Blue Monday, in the midst of the electronic New Wave of the 80's. Intrigued, and ultimately inspired by this new music, the next step was to transcend listening and create. First came a drum machine and an early analog synthesizer. Kinetic rhythms and electronic sounds gave way to layered synths and a four-track recorder.

Stark mechanical soundscapes evolved into fuller compositions: electronic pop songs. The limitations of playing live and overdubbing onto the four-track led to first and second generation sequencing programs... Virus

What would an android listen to? Probably Munich Syndrome. With roots in the synthesizer pop world as formed by the likes of Kraftwerk, Munich Syndrome utilizes analog synths, pulsating beats, blatantly synthetic soundscapes and vocoders to create memorable and mesmerizing tunes.

Sounding familiar, but new at the same time Munich Syndrome is unlike anything else currently on the radio or in the clubs. Danceable, but not a dance band. Melodies, hooks and choruses, but not really a pop band. Heavy electronics, but not an industrial band. Eschewing current trends, Munich Syndrome looks inward for inspiration, not attempting to match momentary styles or chasing what's in vogue. A one man band that spends too much time alone?

Munich Syndrome @ YouTube

The first experiments, demos, and songs undertaken under the moniker Munich Syndrome were firmly rooted in early-to-mid-eighties synth pop. Influences included Soft Cell, The Human League, OMD, Propaganda, New Order, Gary Numan, The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, John Foxx, and Kraftwerk, as well as other bands like Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, Roxy Music, Blondie, The Talking Heads, punk, post-punk and new wave.

Later influences include Ladytron, Fischerspooner, Sneaker Pimps / IAMX, Goldfrapp, OneTwo, Client, Junkie XL, the Droyds Hybrid and the electroclash movement.

...As electronic music started to ebb and grunge and rock moved into the forefront, things quieted down in the studio. The resurgence of electronica in the mid-to-late 90’s reignited work and experiments started to branch out into ambient, trip-hop, down-tempo, electro with some jazz and nu-jazz overtones and even some forays into house, dance, and tAftechno with some industrial, and experimental efforts.

Munich Syndrome is: David B. Roundsley

Munich Syndrome @ CDBaby.com: CD's and Downloads of Robotika, Robotika (Expanded), Electronic Ecstasy, Electro Pop and Sensual Ambience!

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