Released: March 2016

Label: Syndrome Sounds


Track Listing:


The Underground 5:14

Betrayal 5:33

Heart of the City 5:50

Uptown 7:25

Neon City 4:21

Happy Hour (Swoon) 5:44

After Hours (Slink) 6:26



Published by:

Syndrome Sounds/ASCAP


Production, Engineering, Mixing, Programming, and Vocals:

David B. Roundsley


Mastered in HDCD® Audio by:

Jeffrey Norman at

Mockingbird Mastering, Inc.


Atmospherics 1



After an almost three year gap from our last album, Robotika, Urbania is the first of our Atmospherics series, 1: Urbania. Urbania is a detour into moodier, atmospheric soundscapes, a soundtrack to a night out in the city, be it Berlin, London, San Francisco or Paris. Utilizing older analog synths, vintage guitar amps and a mixed bag of filters exploirng a variety of textures and sounds, Urbania offers a variety of moods from dark and quiet to slinky and sensual, to upbeat and euphoric. Exploring sound and space, as well as melody and rhythm, Urbania has no rules, preconceptions, and no expectations on where the song will take you or where you'll arrive.


Available now at iTunes, Amazon's MP3 store, but also in the very limited edition CD, mastered in HDCD audio, 300 copies worldwide.