Elecro Pop 2 - Deluxe Edition







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Label: Syndrome Sounds


Track Listing:

Disc 1 - Radio Edits & B-Sides


Don't Fit In (Radio Edit) 3:53

Suburbia (Radio Edit) 3:57

New Wave Weekend (Radio Edit) 3:25

Catastrophe Addict (Radio Edit) 3:14

Glam (Radio Edit) 3:50

Ghosts of the Dance Floor (Radio Edit) 3:38

Lies (Radio Edit) 3:14

Hard Luck Baby (Radio Edit) 3:52

Everything is Fucked (Radio Edit) 3:04

EVERYDAY!!! (Radio Edit) 3:41

2 Much Fun (Radio Edit) 3:41

Electro Pop (Radio Edit) 3:49

Rocket 2 Mars (Radio Edit) 3:50

The Only Path (Radio Edit) 3:59

Spooky 3:21

Cold (Radio Edit) 3:58

The Backroom 6:36

An Adventure (Edit) 4:34

Journey of a Lifetime (Edit) 4:35 (For Bobbi)


Disc 2 - Full Album Versions


Don't Fit In (Full Album Version) 4:59

Suburbia (Full Album Version) 5:40

New Wave Weekend (Full Album Version) 5:16

Catastrophe Addict (Full Album Version) 4:11

Glam (Full Album Version) 5:04

Ghosts of the Dance Floor (Full Album Version) 5:22

Lies (Full Album Version) 4:34

Hard Luck Baby (Full Album Version) 5:08

Everything is Fucked (Full Album Version) 4:33

EVERYDAY!!! (Full Album Version) 4:24

2 Much Fun (Full Album Version) 6:16

Electro Pop (Full Album Version) 7:01

Rocket 2 Mars (Full Album Version) 5:31

The Only Path (Full Album Version) 6:50




Published by:

Syndrome Sounds/ASCAP


Written, Produced and Performed by:

David B. Roundsley


Mastered in HDCD® Audio by:

Jeffrey Norman at

Mockingbird Mastering, Inc.