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The Beset Of - Munich Syndrome


Munich Syndrome's first commercial release was in 2002, with songs from the Electro EP, which appeared as a bonus disc on their first full-length CD - Sensual Ambience in 2006. Since than several albums, EPs and singles have been released. This is a retrospective of the electro side of Munich Syndrome.


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Disc 1 - Radio Edits and B-Sides


  1. Come Out and Play
  2. Dance (Ay Eee Ya Ya Ya Ya)
  3. Love & Dancing (7"Mix)
  4. Murderous (Bad Things Vocal Mix)
  5. Always (Alone)
  6. 2 Whom
  7. Endings (Rock RMX)
  8. Nightlife
  9. Tonight
  10. I Do (The Robot)
  11. Betrayal
  12. Friday Nights
  13. Don't Fit In (Radio Edit)
  14. New Wave Weekend (Radio Edit)
  15. Ghosts of the Dance Floor (Radio Edit)
  16. Electro Pop (Radio Edit)




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The Best Of - Munich Syndrome
Munich Syndrome News
The Best Of - Munich Syndrome
The Best Of - Munich Syndrome