The Best Of - Munich Syndrome






18 years after the release of Munich Syndrome's debut album, Sensual Ambience (with the Electro EP) up to 2018's release, Electro Pop 2, comes The Best Of. An entry point and overview for the electro side of Munich Syndrome, starting with 2002's COme Out and Play, on through Electro Pop!






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Label: Syndrome Sounds


Track Listing:

1. Come Out and Play (Just for a Day) 04:38



2. Dance (Ah Eee Ya Ya Ya Ya) 05:05



3. Love & Dancing (7" Mix) 04:37


4. Murderous (Bad Things Vocal Mix) 05:48



5. Always (Alone) 04:51



6. 2 Whom 04:16



7. Endings (Rock RMX) 04:04



8. Nightlife 05:48



9. Tonight 03:27



10. (I Do) The Robot 05:18



11. Betrayl 05:33



12. Friday Nights 06:01



13. Don't Fit In (Radio Mix) 03:55



14.New Wave Weekend (Radio Mix) 03:26



15. Ghosts of the Dance Floor (Radio Mix) 03:48



16. Electro Pop (Radio Edit) 03:52




Published by:

Syndrome Sounds/ASCAP


Written, Produced and Performed by:

David B. Roundsley


Mastered in HDCD® Audio by:

Jeffrey Norman at

Mockingbird Mastering, Inc.