Released: August 2016

Label: Syndrome Sounds


Track Listing:

World of Tomorrow  5:14

There's a Disco in My Head 5:33

Friday Nights 6:01

The Ballrooms of San Francisco 6:41

Misha (Slit Wrists & Happy Endings) 7:34

Bridges Burnt 4:59

Disco (Redux) 5:43

Tomorrow's World 5:40



Published by:

Syndrome Sounds/ASCAP


Production, Engineering, Mixing, Programming, and Vocals:

David B. Roundsley


Mastered in HDCD® Audio by:

Jeffrey Norman at

Mockingbird Mastering, Inc.


The world of tomorrow... is here today!


Shaped and informed by the people, paces, events and things from our past. Backwards glances at a sepia life.


Who we thought we'd be, where we thought we'd end up and the things we did in the innocence (and often stupidity) of youth are a large part of this release. Countless nights spent in bars, clubs, ballrooms and an old ice rink (Winterland) were spent observing, living and soaking in every note from strange bands that brought exotic synthesizers, drum machines mixing rock and roll, glam, punk, new wave, post-punk, disco and everything else into a new heady mix of "the future". Nights (and some days) spent in San Francisco in pursuit of the elusive high of new music, friendship and love, from the various indie record stores (Butch Wax, Rather Ripped Records) onto the much beloved (and greatly missed) Tower Records, clubs (the I-Beam, The Palms, The Mabuhay, The Stone, Wolfgang's, The Old Waldorf, The Boarding House) to ballrooms (The Fillmore, The Regency, Winterland) and anywhere else someone interesting was playing.


Too many shows to count, but the bands and venues remain embedded in memory: Ultravox, the B-52's, Voice Farm, The Tom Robinson Band, David Werner, Talking Heads, The Stranglers, Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Units, Iggy Pop, Martha & the Muffins, The Ramones, Blondie, David Bowie, Concrete Blonde, Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Grace Jones, Human League, Soft Cell, ABC, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Dead of Alive, OMD, Clan of Xymox, Depeche Mode, Erasure, China Crisis, The Nuns, Roxy Music, The Sisters of Mercy, and many, many, many more...


This is part of the DNA that led to this point in time and this release. Some of the people and bands made the journey all the way through, while many fell by the wayside. Some of the people and places are memorialized on this disc.


Friday nights in San Francisco.. I'd like to go back there again (for a night or two)