Munich Syndrome’s 13th album – NINETEEN EIGHTY SOMETHING (the album) Munich Syndrome’s latest album, “Nineteen Eighty Something”, is a nostalgic trip back to the 80s synth pop era. The album is characterized by its use of classic synthesizers and drum machines, as well as powerful vocals that deliver lyrics exploring themes of love, loss, and loneliness. The album is a continuation of the band’s signature dark and atmospheric sound, with a strong focus on nostalgia


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NINETEEN EIGHTY SOMETHING – Munich Syndrome’s 13th album Written and demo’d in the 1980’s, Munich Syndrome is about to release their 13th album, which takes everything back to where it began. Starting with a small home studio, experiments with a Korg Poly-6, a Sequential Circuits 6-Track, a drum machine, a mic and Tascam Porta-Studio evolved and grew into full fledged electro pop songs. Searches for collaborators came and went, but at the end of the

Munich Syndrome is back on Spotify!

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Munich Syndrome is back on Spotify Munich Syndrome is back on Spotify! Munich Syndrome is now back on Spotify! We are working to get our complete discography uploaded. Everything from our debut, the Electro EP, from 2002, on thru 2006’sSensual Ambience, 2008’s Electro Pop, 2010’s Electronic Ecstasy, 2012’s Robotika (Expanded) and 2013’s Robotika (A Different Drum VIP release), 2016’s Atmospherics 1: Urbania, and 2016’s The World of Tomorrow, 2018’s mega Electro Pop 2, which has

Full Munich Syndrome Discography Available on Bandcamp!

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3 New Releases from Munich Syndrome on Bandcamp: Bump & Grind, Love & Dancing 2008 EP, Love & Dancing 2022! Munich Syndrome’s entire discography, beginning with 2006’s “Sensual Ambience”, on through 2022’s EP’s and singles (“Sensual West End Girls Ambience EP”, “Love & Dancing 2002 EP”, “Love & Dancing 2008 EP” and “Bump & Grind”), are now available for download, as well as many of the releases available on CD as well. Munich Syndrome has

Sensual West End Girls Ambience

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Sensual West End Girls Ambience – Exclusively via our BandCamp Page! At the end of last year we did an electro pop remix of one of our earlier songs, “Sensual Ambience”, which was included on our 12th album, “Atmospherics 2: Chill” released in November. While listening to the song during the mixing/remixing process, it occurred to us that the Pet Shop Boys song, “West End Girls” would fit quite nicely with this track. Once the