Lost in a Dream EP

Lost in a Dream, six-track extended play, available exclusively from Munich Syndrome's BandCamp page on Friday Marh 5, 2021
Lost in a Dream, six-song extended play from Munich Syndrome, available March 5!

Available Friday March 5, 2021 from Munich Syndrome’s BandCamp page, Lost in a Dream is a six-track extended play.


Track listing:
1. Lost in a Dream
2. Solitude
3. London
4. Serenity
5. Lost in a Dream (Ambient Mix)
6. Birthday Song

All songs are written, produced and performed by: David B. Roundsley

All songs published by: Syndrome Sounds/ASCAP


Goodbye 2020

Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence by David B. Roundsley
Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence by David B. Roundsley

Goodbye 2020…

A year few anticipated that presented everyone with struggles and challenges to overcome and get through. Despite the many loses and challenges the year presented, it’s also been a year of resilience and hope. On many fronts people pulled together to do what’s best for others as well as themselves and I have every confidence we will turn several corners in the coming year and come out better as a result.

For myself, 2020 was an unexpectedly productive year. I had been working on the book, Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, throughout most of 2019 and “thought” it was finished at the end of that year. A chance conversation around the start of the year crystalized a couple of nagging thoughts and suspicions, leading to a different ending for the book. While going through the process of editing the final version and the world suddenly shutting down at the beginning of March, I found myself in the studio a LOT. What came out of these sessions were very different from the previous work I had been doing. I had envisioned moving into a full-on electronic dance album, but instead some very introspective compositions materialized. I found myself bringing in strings, acoustic guitar and other instruments not normally utilized in the previous releases.

GRAY/SCALE just seemed to materialize out of nowhere, but I didn’t realize until after a very fast digital release, that it was also the bedrock and foundation for what came next: Bad Blood, the album. As we waited for the various guest editors to get back to us with notes, we realized the best option for releasing the book was crowdsourcing. After a LOT of research, we went with Kickstarter. Creating the campaign, it occurred to me “a song” might be appropriate to go with the campaign. But with that song, “Bad Blood (The Ballad of a Bad Man)”, a theme emerged. I realized that several songs written over the period of timeline covered in the book were about or were a response to the events in the book. Before I knew it a curated listening / soundtrack album emerged. Along with that, creating a few videos turned into a quest to make a video for each song on the Bad Blood album as well.

I wanted to utilize every tool at my disposal (the written word, music, video, graphics) to tell and explain the narrative of Bad Blood to its very fullest. Every aspect of the project was under my creative umbrella. January 1 will see the release of the book and album on Amazon and all major digital platforms.

The book and project were a cathartic exorcism of ghosts and lies. Many of them looming much larger and longer than was actually warranted. Perhaps had the world not closed in on itself when it did things wouldn’t have come together as they eventually did?

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!!!

Bad Blood: A Life Without Conseqeunce by David B. Roundsley
Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence by David B. Roundsley

College Radio Christmas Eve EP from Munich Syndrome

College Radio Christmas Eve EP from Munich Syndrome

It’s been a very busy year with the release of the book, Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, along with two full-length albums, GRAY/SCALE, and the soundtrack to the book, Bad Blood. While unplanned, two new songs happened: a Christmas song, College Radio Christmas Eve. A song commemorating a very somber Christmas eve many (MANY) years ago when late one night I discovered a faint college radio station playing alternative and modern rock Christmas and holiday songs. I instantly didn’t feel so alone. The other song, Winter Chill, An introspective and contemplative ambient-tinged instrumental for the holidays and winter.

Both songs are available on our Christmas EP along with Memories Drift (It’s Christmas), which was first released in 2007. Also included is the unreleased instrumental version of Memories Drift.

We have also released several single tracks and mini-extended plays as the year draws to an end.

The Bad Blood book and album will be available on January 1, 2021.

We’re wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for all!

Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, Book & Album

Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence by David B. Roundsley, accompanying soundtrack, Bad Blood by Munich Syndrome

The Kickstarter campaign for Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence is now over. The album is available for digital pre-order at our BandCamp site. The book and CD will be available at all major retail websites the second quarter of 2021!

If you would like to order a signed copy of the book, album, or both, please send us a message via the website and we can send a PayPal invoice.

We want to thank everyone who made the Kickstarter campaign a huge success and we look forward to sending the first copies of the book out before the end of the year!

Bad Blood – the 11th album by Munich Syndrome
Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence by David B. Roundsley. Signed First Edition Hardback with three 5×7 postcards and a custom bookmark.

Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence

Bad Blood - A Life Without Consequence Kickstareter Campagin Aug 13 2020
Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, Kickstarter Campaign August 13 2020 – September 11, 2020

Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence is the memoir by David B. Roundsley recounting his 13-year search for his birth parents and his DNA origins. Accompanying the book will be Munich Syndrome’s 11th album, Bad Blood! Written during and about search and journey, the album is a soundtrack / curated listening experience that takes a stylistic shift into more acoustic territory. Leaning towards a David Lynch soundtrack feel in places the album features new compositions as well as some previous Munich Syndrome tracks that were re-recorded, remixed and reconfigured to fit the overall tone of the album.

Bad Blood (Intro)
Bad Blood Kickstarter Campaign
Bad Blood, the 11th album from Munich Syndrome featuring the title track, Out of the Blue and the ballad, Goodbye.
Bad Blood – Munich Syndrome’s 11th album, only available through the Kickstater Campaign running August 13, 2020 – September 11, 2020.

Track listing:
1- Bad Blood (Intro)
2-Out of the Blue *
3-Android Dreams (New Vox) ✯
4-Fragment (of a dream) (quiet) (Dreamstate mix) ❢
5-Secrets and Lies
7-Watching You (Surveillance Mix) ✠
8-Forever Walking
9-Bad Blood (the Ballad of a Bad Man)
10-Lonely Highway (Acoustica) ✶
11-Between Nothingness and Eternity (Dreamstate mix) ✢
12-Journey of a Lifetime (Electro Pop 2 Radio edit) ✪
13-The Only Path (Electro Pop 2 Full Album version) ✪
14- Bad Blood (Outro) ✪
15- Suburbia (Acoustic)✧

All song written, performed and produced by David B. Roundsley (except * written by Alan Parsons, Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliott)

✯ Original Version from Robotika VIP & Robotika Expanded editions
❢ Original Version from Sensual Ambience
✠ Original Version from Electronic Ecstasy
✶ Original Version from GRAY/SCALE
✢ Original Version from Electro Pop
✪ From Electro Pop 2 – Deluxe Edition
✧ Original Version from Electro Pop 2 – Deluxe Edition

Bad Blood – The Ballad of a Bad Man
Out of the Blue
Bad Blood - A Life Without Consequence Kickstareter Campagin Aug 13 2020
Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, Kickstarter Campaign August 13 2020 – September 11, 2020