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The music of Munich Syndrome

Munich Syndrome Music

Munich Syndrome: inspired and motivated by the D.I.Y. post-punk music that came out in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

David B. Roundsley is Munich Syndrome.

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Munich Syndrome Official YouTube Channel
Munich Syndrome Official Video Channel

Munich Syndrome YouTube Channel

Starting in early 2018 Munich Syndrome threw all-in to create a robust and entertaining video channel on YouTube.

With currently more than 55 videos, more are being added on a regular basis. Visually dynamic the videos range from tongue-in-cheek fun, to surreal dreaminess, on through darker shades.

Please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be alerted when new videos are available.

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Munich Syndrome Merchandise - T-Shirts, caps and more
Munich Syndrome Official Merchandise

Munich Syndrome Merchandise

With a new website comes a new merchandise partner. Munich Syndrome Official Merchandise is available now at our eBay store!

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Munich Syndrome…

While primarily an electronic band, there’s a greater breadth of styles, ranging from electro synth pop to downtempo, ambient, acoustic, EDM, dance and soundtrack work.

Lyrically the band leans toward the darker side of the street. Malcontents are welcome. The inequity and injustices of the world are addressed and taken on. Dark times need dark music.

With musical roots reaching back to the 70’s (glam, disco, hard rock, punk and post-punk) Munich Syndrome found its footing with the 80’s and the availability of synths, drum machines and technology.

Syndrome Sounds V2
Syndrome Sounds Mach II

Next Steps…

Please check out our music, videos and official merchandise. If you have any questions (or just want to say something nice) please contact us!