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Summer Sale on Munich Syndrome's first 10 CD titles at BandCamp starting August 3, 2023

Head over to our BandCamp Page to take advantage of a summer sale on our first 10 CD titles, starting with 2006’s Sensual Ambience, on through 2021’s Bad Blood album.

Also available are our most current releases, Atmospherics 2: Chill, NINETEEN EIGHTY SOMETHING and IT WAS ALL A DREAM, now available as signed CD-R’s. We also have large selection of single’s, EP’s, and remixes all available as high-quality downloads.

Nineteen Eighty Something project

Munich Syndrome: 2 Whom It May Concern, the first release from the Nineteen Eighty Something project

The first song from Munich Syndrome’s Nineteen Eighty Something project: 2 Who It May Concern, an extended mix, radio edit,fourth generation Demo, the Sax Version from Sensual Ambience, and the more electronic 2 Whom, form Electronic Ecstasy. One of the very first complete songs I ever wrote back in the eighties. using the original arrangements and some elements from the original demo recordings, this is a completely new version, and the first effort, since the eighties forgoing the vocoder. Written during a time of youth, naivete, optimism, drama, and the feelings that most anything might be possible.

2 Whom It May Concern Track Listing:
1: 2 Whom It May Concern (Extended Mix) 06:28
2. 2 Whom It May Concern (Radio Edit) 04:02
3. 2 Whom It May Concern (Dem0) 03:57
4. To Whom It May Concern (Sensual Ambience Mix) 04:59
5. 2 Whom (Electronic Ecstasy Mix) 04:15

Written in the Halcyon days of the burgeoning synth pop / post-punk movement. Electronic duos Soft Cell, Blancmange, OMD, the Pet Shop Boys and many others opened a door to creativity and freedom.

It all started with a Korg Poly 6, then a Sequential Circuits 6-Track and Drum Tracks were added. Soon came a DX-7, a four-track PortaStudio, and we were off to the races.

Written, Performed & Produced by: David B. Roundsley

Published by: Syndrome Sounds / ASCAP

The original demos were discovered last year during the pandemic, and the Nineteen Eighty Something project will be bringing some of these earliest efforts to life and light.

Please check out our BandCamp page for all of our Munich Syndrome releases:

Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence

Bad Blood - A Life Without Consequence Kickstareter Campagin Aug 13 2020
Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, Kickstarter Campaign August 13 2020 – September 11, 2020

Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence is the memoir by David B. Roundsley recounting his 13-year search for his birth parents and his DNA origins. Accompanying the book will be Munich Syndrome’s 11th album, Bad Blood! Written during and about search and journey, the album is a soundtrack / curated listening experience that takes a stylistic shift into more acoustic territory. Leaning towards a David Lynch soundtrack feel in places the album features new compositions as well as some previous Munich Syndrome tracks that were re-recorded, remixed and reconfigured to fit the overall tone of the album.

Bad Blood (Intro)
Bad Blood Kickstarter Campaign
Bad Blood, the 11th album from Munich Syndrome featuring the title track, Out of the Blue and the ballad, Goodbye.
Bad Blood – Munich Syndrome’s 11th album, only available through the Kickstater Campaign running August 13, 2020 – September 11, 2020.

Track listing:
1- Bad Blood (Intro)
2-Out of the Blue *
3-Android Dreams (New Vox) ✯
4-Fragment (of a dream) (quiet) (Dreamstate mix) ❢
5-Secrets and Lies
7-Watching You (Surveillance Mix) ✠
8-Forever Walking
9-Bad Blood (the Ballad of a Bad Man)
10-Lonely Highway (Acoustica) ✶
11-Between Nothingness and Eternity (Dreamstate mix) ✢
12-Journey of a Lifetime (Electro Pop 2 Radio edit) ✪
13-The Only Path (Electro Pop 2 Full Album version) ✪
14- Bad Blood (Outro) ✪
15- Suburbia (Acoustic)✧

All song written, performed and produced by David B. Roundsley (except * written by Alan Parsons, Ian Bairnson, Stuart Elliott)

✯ Original Version from Robotika VIP & Robotika Expanded editions
❢ Original Version from Sensual Ambience
✠ Original Version from Electronic Ecstasy
✶ Original Version from GRAY/SCALE
✢ Original Version from Electro Pop
✪ From Electro Pop 2 – Deluxe Edition
✧ Original Version from Electro Pop 2 – Deluxe Edition

Bad Blood – The Ballad of a Bad Man
Out of the Blue
Bad Blood - A Life Without Consequence Kickstareter Campagin Aug 13 2020
Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, Kickstarter Campaign August 13 2020 – September 11, 2020

GRAY/SCALE Available 3/20/2020

GRAY/SCALE from Munich Syndrome

GRAY/SCALE, the new release from Munich Syndrome will be available on BandCamp tomorrow, March 20, 2020. On Friday March 20 Bandcamp is also waiving artist contribution fees, so any purchases made tomorrow for any artist on Bandcamp will go directly to the artist. The album is download only.

The album will be available shortly from CD Baby, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes and all major streaming services.

Depending on demand we may do a hard-copy release later.

New Release: Grayspace!

Grayspace – the new release from Munich Syndrome

While work continues on the next Munich Syndrome album “X”, the world became a different place. Over the past three years we’ve been experimenting in the studio with different arrangements, instruments, and styles.

GRAY/SCALE is our “Low” or “Remain in Light”, if you will. Pushing out of our comfort zone, exploring new textures, and moods. This release features ambient, electronica, and other sonic explorations. More somber and introspective than our previous release. GRAY/SCALE is the sister-album to Sensual Ambience, 15 years on.

Where Sensual Ambience was more about the physical world, GRAY/SCALE is more about the metaphysical world.

This will be a digital-only release, available from BandCamp, CD Baby, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Google, as well as all major streaming services.

Initially slated to be an EP (Extended Play) we have opted to go in with a full album:

  1. Ice Flow
  2. In a Lonely Place
  3. Ghosts (Part 1)
  4. A Corner in Time
  5. Grayscale
  6. Lonely Planet
  7. Ghosts (Part 2)
  8. Acoustica
  9. Spice Trade
  10. Ghosts (Part 3)
  11. Disappear
  12. Beyond Eternity
  13. Gothic Alchemy
  14. Windchill
  15. Shifting Dreams
  16. Fragment 5